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With an extensive fleet, Bryn Thomas Industrial Services Ltd is your go-to provider for HIAB crane hire.

What is a HIAB crane?

A HIAB crane is also known as a ‘picking and carrying machine’. It is designed to lift and carry machinery safely from areas that are difficult to reach.

Choosing a HIAB crane from Bryn Thomas Industrial will ensure that you benefit from a simple lifting solution. Our HIAB cranes are incredibly powerful machines are capable of carrying and lifting up to 30 tonnes.

Any HIAB crane that we provide is of the highest standard possible and regularly tested to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.

HIAB crane hire

Here at Bryn Thomas Industrial, we offer competitive HIAB crane hire to suit the budget requirements of all customers. Our cranes have all the necessary accreditations and are conveniently delivered to a location of your choice by our fully qualified drivers.

HIAB crane hire is ideal if you need to handle abnormal or awkward loads as they drastically reduce the risk of accidents and injury. They guarantee smooth operations and are recommended in tight environments where there is restricted access – allowing you to load and unload materials with ease.

Whether it be a mini crane or lightweight mobile crane, we constantly invest in our fleets to ensure that you find a suitable solution for lifting heavy loads. We provide HIAB cranes UK for complex lifts and include an appointed person, crane operator, and signaller.

For more information about our HIAB cranes UK, call us on 01352 736046 today.

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