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Are you familiar with the benefits of a HIAB lorry hire? With a HIAB hire service from us at Bryn Thomas Industrial, you are assured that your loads are transported where you need them to go with ease and safety in mind every time. In this blog we will go over the various points of how HIAB crane hire is so effective and how they can benefit you.

What is a HIAB?

HIABs – or HIAB loader cranes – are machines that are mounted onto the back of a lorry. They are essential in the lifting and manoeuvring of heavy, abnormal pieces of machinery and/or loads. A perfect alternative to normal cranes, HIAB cranes are simple to transport and have extreme power.

The benefits

HIAB lorry hire – or HIAB crane hire as it is commonly referred – with us brings you a variety of benefits, such as the following:


The strength of a HIAB is unmatched – they can carry up to 30 tonnes in weight! With HIAB hire services, you are dealing with a crane that can actually lift greater weights than that of a standard crane lorry.

When it comes to manoeuvring and lifting loads with an extremely heavy weight, these powerful machines would be able to do the trick with ease – whilst making sure not to cause any form of damage.

A large range

The big range means a variety of choices for you. With our services for HIAB lorry hire, we offer a wide range of HIAB loader cranes that can be mounted to either the front, mod or rear of a lorry. Our HIABs can suit a variety of situations; you may need to lift a heavy load that is a close distance from the lorry, or you may need to reach out further than normal to lift your weight.

Whichever HIAB you require, we have catered to your every possible need with a varying range for lifting heavy loads.

Abnormal loads

The flexibility of a HIAB crane hire service is a massive advantage. HIAB cranes enable you to be able to handle differently shaped loads. Using the machine’s hooks, chains and platforms if necessary, you can lift and move pretty much anything, no matter the shape and size.

Health and safety

Here at Bryn Thomas Industrial, health and safety is taken very seriously. HIAB cranes are tested by our professional staff members constantly to ensure they are always in excellent condition to be used.

Whenever you come to us for a HIAB crane hire service, rest assured that our machines are only operated when we know they are not going to cause danger or any form of hazard.

 Manually or remote controlled

HIAB loader cranes can be operated either manually by a trained operator or via remote control. The use of a trained operator with a HIAB lorry hire operation is more traditional and economical – however if you are wanting maximum safety, remote controlling the HIAB will make sure of this as it means being able to control the crane’s movement from a distance.

For further information on a HIAB hire with us at Bryn Thomas Industrial, please feel free to contact us by calling 01352 736046, emailing info@brynthomasindustrial.com or filling in our enquiry form – one of our knowledgeable team members will be happy to help.

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