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What better way to transport heavy loads across the country than to hire a crane from Bryn Thomas Industrial?

HIAB hire is a service that we have offered for more than 50 years – lifting and transporting goods safely and quickly. With depots in Flint, Manchester, Scunthorpe and Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, we can provide HIAB rental across the country.

Our skilled team have the expertise to deal with any challenge – no matter how big or small – and will make sure that you receive the best possible service.

Here’s why you should choose Bryn Thomas Industrial for HIAB hire:

Attend to requirements at short notice

Running a fleet of 30 HIAB vehicles, including cranes and lorries, we can provide vehicles at extremely short notice, for as long as you need.

Transport capabilities

If you’re to transport large bulky items, like portable cabins and storage containers, a HIAB vehicle is ideal.

HIAB vehicles are versatile machines suitable for lifting up to 30-tonnes of equipment. HIAB hire can benefit many industries and we frequently work with blue-chip companies, offering a practical solution for lifting materials.

Competitive prices

Using the right tools for the job allows you to work quickly and efficiently –  saving you time and ultimately, money.

The team at Bryn Thomas Industrial are always on hand to help, making sure that you benefit from affordable rental services, so why not discuss your options for HIAB crane hire or HIAB lorry hire with us today?

Hard to reach areas

How do you lift goods to areas that are difficult to reach? Lifting manually is dangerous and can result in serious injury – which is why we offer HIAB crane hire.

All our cranes are capable of picking up heavy loads and manoeuvre objects in difficult places – allowing you to lift goods safely and efficiently.

Remove the need for forklifts

Choosing HIAB crane hire takes away the need for a forklift truck to be present because they our cranes make it easier for you to lift more at once, effectively speeding up the process and allowing you to complete projects sooner.

Expert advice

Here at Bryn Thomas Industrial, we guarantee a professional service.

Our experts will be more than happy to advise and guide you when hiring a HIAB vehicle. We can also provide a crane operator, appointed person and signaller to ensure all health and safety standards are met and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

All HIAB equipment is backed up by our team of specialists, so if you need to know more about our crane and lorry rental services, be sure to call us on 01352 736 046 today.

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